Dog Dental Cleaning in Hollywood, FL

Chronic bad dog breath should not be the norm. In fact, professional cleaning and home dental care can keep your dog’s teeth and gums in great health. Our team members at The Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood have the experience to attend to any oral health care needs. Get to know more about dog dental cleaning as part of routine care for your dog.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Dog’s Oral Health?

Were you aware that your dog can get many of the dental diseases seen in their human counterparts? Chronic bad breath may be the first sign of a bigger issue, like gum disease. Plaque formation, gum disease, broken, loose or chipped teeth can negatively impact your dog’s health.

Much can be prevented with regular dog dental cleaning. While you can do your part at home, regular dog dental cleaning and exams can get to those hard-to-reach areas and offer an opportunity to understand more about your dog’s oral health needs.

What Is Involved in a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Your dog will undergo a thorough examination prior to any cleaning. To reduce their stress, anesthesia is often recommended. Plaque and tartar will be removed, along with the performance of scaling and polishing. An X-ray will also help us identify any signs of disease occurring below the gum line. After a dental cleaning, your dog may feel a bit groggy until the anesthesia wears off.

How to Support Your Dog’s Oral Health at Home

You can brush your dog’s teeth at home with tools in a brushing kit, such as a small pet toothbrush or finger brush. Use specialized toothpaste made for dogs and not human toothpaste. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily to help prevent serious dental disease.

Dental Cleaning and Your Dog’s Oral Health

Your dog needs you to provide regular and routine pet dental treatments, including cleanings and exams. Our team can reduce the stress associated with veterinarian visits, with many team members being Fear-Free Certified.

Hollywood pet parents have enjoyed the excellence of care from Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic for over 21 years! Dog dental cleaning, exams, and other routine services help maintain the overall health of your pet. Call our office at 945-920-2400 to make an appointment.

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