Dog Daycare in Hollywood, FL

If you’re like most dog owners, you’d love to have your pup with you all day every day. Sadly, that’s just not possible. You have to work, after all, and sometimes for work or play you have to be away for an extended period of time, and your furry friend just can’t come along. When you’re away, you want a trusted caretaker who you know will take care of the health and wellbeing of your dog, both physically and mentally. The Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood, FL understands the needs of busy pet owners like you, and that’s why we offer our clients complete dog daycare and boarding services. It’s part of our commitment to comprehensive and holistic veterinary care for all of our animal clients. With our fully-trained and caring technicians, you can rest assured your dog will be happy, comfortable, and safe.

Boarding & Dog Daycare In Hollywood, FL

The Animal Medical Center is fully equipped to provide clean and comfortable dog daycare and boarding services complete with exercise, good food, and entertainment. We have a variety of enclosures designed to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes, including extra-large runs for dogs over 60 lbs as well as small and medium-sized enclosures. All of our furry guests are taken out for a fun and vigorous exercise session three to four times every day when they are with us, plus a daily 20-minute recreation and playtime session in our enclosed and secure doggy playground.

It’s a great way for them to get away from home for a while and socialize with different people and receive some basic behavioral training. If they stay with us for three nights, they will also receive a free bath and shampoo. We guarantee you your dog will be treated like a VIP at our dog daycare and boarding kennel facilities.

Preparing For Their Stay

While your dog is staying with us, it’s a great time for your dog to get its annual checkup and vaccine shots. We also have a grooming department that is open every day. Remember to bring any special diet foods or medications your dog needs, and any favorite treats or toys that will make them feel at home. Also, make sure to leave us contact information so we’ll be able to reach you while you’re away.

For more information on dog daycare and boarding services at the Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood, FL, call us at 954-920-2400 or contact us online anytime.

Hollywood, FL Dog Daycare