Pet Laser Therapy in Hollywood, FL

Has your pet been showing signs of inflammation or discomfort?  Have they slowed down in recent years or have had issues healing after an accident or surgery? Know that there are methods available, like pet laser therapy, to improve the overall health of your pet and target specific concerns, aiding healing and speeding recovery. Our staff at The Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood uses the latest technology, like laser therapy, to support your pet’s needs. Learn more today!

Why Is Pet Laser Therapy a Popular Option?

Pet owners appreciate the non-invasive nature of this method and how their pet often seems to feel and move better after their first visit. As with any therapy, the specific condition, its severity, and how your pet responds to treatment will influence the number of sessions required. Laser therapy is able to penetrate into tissues, stimulating the mechanisms needed for recovery. Reduce your pet’s scarring, shorten downtime after surgery, and reduce chronic pain with this highly specialized technique.

How Does It Work?

Your dog, cat, or bird will appreciate this non-invasive and painless therapy. A low-frequency light will be emitted through a handheld wand, being applied to focused areas. This light is known to stimulate cell regeneration. Pet laser therapy can be used in combination with other services to treat hip dysplasia, disc disease, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, dental issues, dermatological conditions, and more.

Pet Laser Therapy and Excellence of Care

Pet laser therapy has been a successful treatment for a variety of conditions found in dogs, cats, and birds. This proven technique is a unique tool in pain management and recovery. For animals with chronic conditions, trauma, scarring, inflammation, and more, laser therapy offers focused treatment associated with little, if any, discomfort. Along with our specialized training to reduce the fear and anxiety that can be experienced with a vet visit, as many in our team are Fear-Free Certified, you and your pet can look forward to your time with us.

Our doctors and staff at Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic has been serving pet parents in the Hollywood community for over two decades and offer a wide range of treatment options to best suit the specific needs of your pet. Contact our office at 945-920-2400 to schedule a consultation today.

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